Fourth graders have individually-tailored DreamBox math assignments waiting for them!  Check them out here.

Fourth grade math gets really, really cool. It allows students to use skills they've acquired in K-3 to solve complex data, measurement, and geometry problems, as well as finally learn the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction.  With a strong number sense, the mysteries of this borrowing and regrouping right-of-passage are solved with ease.  They also learn about decimals, numbers to 10,000, and how to multiply fractions by whole numbers (awesome, right?!).  Fourth graders who aren't new to RES have also had a year of being inundated with Mrs. Mayo's love of this subject, and are now used to her frequent bursts of zeal =).


If your student doesn't have their multiplication combinations memorized, or is still shaky on their factor rules, practice these daily(An uploaded image of our class chart on factor rules is coming.)


Here is the tentative sequence for math units covered in fourth grade, by quarter.  Keep in mind, they may shift throughout the year.



Quarter One

  • Abridged Investigations Unit 1 (Multiplication)
  • Investigations Unit 3 (Multiplication and Division)


Quarter Two

  • Investigations Unit 5 (Place Value/Addition and Subtraction)
  • Investigations Unit 2 (Data)


Quarter Three

  • Investigations Unit 6 (Fractions/Decimals)
  • Investigations Unit 8 (Multiplication and Division)


Quarter Four

  • Finish Investigations Unit 8 (Multiplication and Division)
  • Combined Investigations Unit 4 and 7 (Geometry/Measurement)