The Stargazer social studies curriculum is taught in a two year loop.  Year One focuses on Vermont and Geography.  Year Two focuses on Citizenship and Culture.


Year One (Vermont and Geography)

  • Reading Primary Sources
  • Vermont History (including making Reading and Vermont timelines)
  • Vermont Geography (counties and shire towns)
  • Vermont Economics
  • State Symbols
  • Our Effect on Vermont (environment) - taught both years
  • North American Geography (countries and major cities)
  • Map Elements (including latitude and longitude)
  • World Continents
  • Landforms


 Year Two (Citizenship and Culture)

  • Reading Primary Sources
  • Our Effect on Vermont (environment, indigenous people) - taught both years
  • The Woodland Period of North America
  • Vermont and U.S. Culture
  • Community (connecting with older generations)
  • Citizenship (rights, responsibilities, making laws)
  • Laws (leadership, where they're written, process of a bill)
  • Tolerance/Human Rights (diversity in the past and present)



These are just outlines for each year.  Some topics may be switched around, or taught in a different order. The '18-'19 school year is in 'year two' of this cycle.